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The submission for The Financing Forum for Kids Content 2017 is closed. We received a great variety of films, TV-series, documentaries, games, transmedia projects and apps. We want to thank all of the producers from Iceland, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Turkey, Macedonia, Croatia and Latvia, who submitted projects. The Selection Committee will go carefully through all submissions and select those with the highest chance of a successful presentation and outcome of pitching at The Financing Forum for Kids Content. Submission for the RealYoung workshop is open until January 16th.
If you are a producer without a selected project at the Forum (or you have a project in a state too early for submission), you can attend as an observer. Distributors can benefit from attending as observers as well. This offers an invaluable opportunity to network with leading professionals in the children's media field. Furthermore, The Financing Forum offers a series of keynotes, case studies, expert meet ups and training opportunities during The Opening Industry Day in collaboration with KIDS Regio.
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