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Media Training Lab for Kids Content 2014

In recent years Children’s media have become increasingly complex and multi-faceted. Children are exposed to a huge amount of screen content. It’s a challenge for European film makers nowadays to stand out and gain the huge Cinema awareness for their films being made especially for children for the market in diverse territories and within the target group itself.

In collaboration with KIDS Regio we are offering two intensive workshops in Berlin and in Malmö for the price of 
one accreditation to The Financing Forum for Kids Content

Tutors for the afternoon workshop March, 11th in Malmö are:

Federico Dini, Honig Studios / 
The transmedia potential * 

Mathias Noshis Alpha Panda / 
Film intelligence * 

Álvaro Vega, The Film Agency / DobleSentido,
Think audience *

The Opening Industry Day will start with a keynote and a case-study. Speakers soon to be announced.




5th JumpZone© interchange

Amsterdam: IDFA November 26th 2014

Documentaries for a young audience are offering filmmakers an endless number of playful possibilities. But also a number of challenges. How can we stimulate documentaries for young audiences in different countries? What are the structures when it comes to production and distribution? What are the undiscovered possibilities to cooperate when it comes to financing? How can producers and directors anticipate on an audience who is consuming large amounts of screen content on multiple platforms and no longer watch television in a traditional way?

Joining forces to lift documentaries for kids and young audiences to the next level, RealYoung is a new collaboration between IDFA, EDN - European Documentary Network and The Financing Forum for Kids Content and with support from Swedish Film Institute. One event in Amsterdam in November shed light on the challenges of co-production and distribution of documentaries for young audiences and a following event in March, during The Financing Forum for Kids Content in Malmö will focus on innovative, in-depth project development.

JumpZone© 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th: More information by clicking this link


JumpZone© is a part of Kids Cluster, which initiate and establish lasting professional relationships between Scandinavian professionals and their counterparts based in other continents.

The plan is to “jump around the world” providing consultancy on other industry initiatives in order to widen the potential of cultural exchange between professionals across borders.