The Financing Forum for Kids Content

The Financing Forum for Kids Content is a part of the Film i Skåne initiative Kids Cluster, a unifying power house platform on screen content for kids in Malmö, Sweden. The aim is to promote and enhance co-production and distribution possibilities for children’s media: Film, TV, Cross- and Transmedia in Northern Europe. The Forum supports kids content producers and distributors in their aim of raising financing and provide access to an international network of professionals in order to strengthen the competitiveness of kid’s Screen Media.

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Film i Skåne

Elis NIlssons väg 5
271 39 Ystad

Telefon : 0411 55 87 50
Fax : 0411 55 97 40

Malmökontoret besöksadress
Friisgatan 19 B (OBS! Inte postadress)
Telefon : 040 78 176


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