Cine-Regio meeting in Malmö

Cineregio meet-up in Cannes 2017 Cineregio meet-up in Cannes 2017

The European regional film funds body/association - Cine-Regio - will gather its members in Malmö, Sweden on 25.-27. September for their Annual Regional Meeting. CR meeting in Malmö will be linked to the Nordisk Panorama Film Festival & Forum taking place 21st-26th September. EU's Digital Single Market Strategy; Greening the film sector; the financing of documentaries and "The Bridge" is on the agenda.

With the regional film agencies members of CineRegio representing a total funding capital of €170M per year to support film culture [more than 1 billion Swedish kroner pr year] they provide a significant financial contribution and role in creating and defending European cultural diversity. At this year Cannes Film the members of the network backed 32 feature films in the 4 competition sections, 8 in Main Competition.

The agenda in Malmö will reflect CineRegio's main objectives being THE platform for sharing best & next practices among regional film funds in Europe and EU Public Affairs. The Malmö meeting will provide the opportunity to discuss themes which are currently relevant for the film industry, such as EU's Digital Single Market Strategy; BREXIT, Greening the film sector; the new Convention on Co-productions and film financing.

Also, the Malmö meeting will kick-off the discussion for the CineRegio Focus Report 2018: "Financing independent creative documentaries: A new ecosystem" to be written by Mike Gubbins. Documentaries have been reaching new heights and are now being recognized by A-list festival and international awards as among the most exciting sectors of European and global cinematic art. There are opportunities for a golden era of growth, however, growing creative strength and influence is offset by economic fragility, by the fragmentation of audiences, and by other social, political and business trends, which are to be explored in this report. The CineRegio Focus Reports - launched back in 2006 - are important strategic work on different topics and a tool which have proved to be popular also outside the CineRegio circle.

Sustainability first! On 25th September Film i Skåne and CineRegio in collaboration with the Nordic Panorama Film Festival will host the seminar: "Greening the film industry". At the seminar we will have speakers talking about their experiences with green production and the implementation of green actions & tools by film funds. Indeed environmentally friendly practies can be implemented in the workflow of any film production from short films, low-budget films all the way up to high-end tv-drama series.

Currently, 25% of the regional film agencies in CineRegio have or are about to implement actions & incentives to contribute to Greening the film sector. To ensure more filmmakers and funds will get inspired and contribute to Greening the film sector - CineRegio has launched the CineRegio Green Report in 2015 and a new version in 2017 on Sustainable Filmmaking which include different examples of Green Guidelines, Actions and Templates developed by regional film agencies both in Italy, Germany, Belgium and France. Both reports - edited by Greenshooting's Mrs. Birgit Heidsiek from Hamburg - provide examples of free software that allows producers to establish the projected carbon footprint for the production. (The reports are free downloads from Cineregio website:

Charlotte Appelgren, says:

"The aim of the report is to share environmentally-friendly initiatives across the network and across Europe. The launch of the 2017 CineRegio Green Report in Cannes 2017 was well attended and demonstrates that Europe’s regional film funds have been able to take a leading role in the industry in green practices and policies."

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