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torsdag 21 januari 2016

CineRegio is following Inspector Kurt Wallander!

From January 2016 “Film I Skåne”, located in the dynamic southern Swedish region Skåne, will host the CineRegio office. The Skåne region is well known from the famous and bestselling Swedish crime novels by Henning Mankell and "Film i Skåne” is setting out to empower their international strategy even more. “- Hosting CineRegio in Malmö will be an integrated part of the international development strategy of Film i Skåne” says Ralf Ivarsson, VD, Film Skåne, and continues: “The close cooperation with CineRegio will support our international outlook and strengthen our opportunities for increased international cooperation and will for sure spark new networking opportunities, knowledge sharing and cooperation for the benefit of the film, TV and game sectors in the Skåne region”. 

The CineRegio office will also benefit the focus Film i Skåne has on Kids content. This focus will be strengthening further via the Cine-Regio initiative Kids-Regio. Filmmakers, distributors, producers and financiers will gather in Malmö in March for the event "Kids ThinkJam" a joint initiative by Kids-Regio and Malmö's Financing Forum for Kids Content. A kick-off talk for this event will take place on 13th February during Berlin Film Festival.  

Philippe Reynaert, CEO Wallimage, Belgium and chairman of CineRegio is pleased that CineRegio now will be housed at Film i Skåne in Malmö. “It is a partnership we look forward to and it also supports CineRegio in our efforts to be active and visible among our members locally in the European regions. We hope that through our activities, international networks and knowledge we can help to develop and focus on the importance of local and regional culture and business through an active film, television and media strategy”. 

Charlotte Appelgren, General-Secretary, CineRegio: “CineRegio's 10th anniversary year is over and an exciting and hectic 2016 is awaiting us. We start the new year by moving to Malmö and from here we will continue CineRegio's work on strengthen the regional film production in Europe and promote cooperation across borders and regions.” Charlotte Appelgren is looking forward to split her work between the office in Brussels and the office in Malmö and continues: ”In 2016 Cine-Regio will intensify its work towards EU matters including ensuring productive, constructive and fair European film policy-making.

Indeed the regional film funds in Europe play a big role in fostering European diversity by financing unique and artistic interesting films. As an example: 35% of the European films selected for Cannes Film Festival 2015 were supported by CineRegio members (4 shorts and 27 feature films incl. 5 in Main Competition). In total more than 125 film titles selected for the Cannes Programmes in the last 5 years have been supported by one or more CineRegio member.” 

Film i Skåne was established in 1995 and is located in Southern Sweden. From 2000-2015 Film i Skåne has co-produced 87 feature films, 13 tv-series and 550 short films. Film i Skåne’s areas of activity are to promote film cultural activities via film screenings and film education incl. Film Camps for children & young people from the region of Skåne and to ensure growth in Skåne via film business activities. Film i Skåne has funding schemes for short films, documentaries, tv-series and feature films which can demonstrate a cultural and business link to the region. Film i Skåne also supports film festivals, workshops and market events taking place in the region, in addition to talent development and games/crossmedia. 

CineRegio is a non-profit association of regional film funds in Europe. The network counts 42 regional film funds from 12 EU Members States, in addition to Norway and Switzerland – and together the members represent a total funding capital of €168 million.

For further information please contact:

Charlotte Appelgren, General Secretary

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